Keep Up, 2014

1 - Powder-coated aluminium, 443 x 200 x 45cm
Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum

2 - Keep Up, 2014,
Aluminium tubing, satin cord, dimensions variable
Lampposts, Glasgow, 2014,
Pencil on cartridge paper, 6 x 1.5m
Winter Trees II, 2013,
Aluminium tubing, cotton, plastic, spray paint, dimensions variable

3 - Film Stills (Elizabeth), 2014,
Giclée prints, 29 x 35cm each

A sculpture made of powder-coated, textured matt black aluminium. Cold and hard to the touch, but sleekly beautiful, the work is strong but not solid. Large enough to support several people, standing or sitting, it is hollow, with a mesh side panel that allows a peek into the darkness underneath. The ramp is hinged, and is therefore possible to lift, given enough strength.