Advice Bars, 1995-2001
Various Locations

1 - Advice Bar Utrecht, 1997
Performance and installation:
1.5m raised trestle table, light, suspended handmade plywood sign, gin
Casco, Utrecht

3 - Advice Bar New York, 1995
Performance and installation:
1.5m raised table, newspapers, light, suspended handmade cardboard sign, Long Island Iced Tea
Hunter College, New York

The bars are assembled using trestles and wood, or whatever is available in the space at the time, a cardboard sign and a light. The height of the bar/table is crucial, 1.5m to allow for leaning. For ‘Advice Bar’, a performance evolved in which drinks were served in return for problems – one problem per drink, one person at a time. This work initially came about from a lack of people to drink with in New York when I first arrived to study for an MFA, combined with the fact that I worked Wednesdays for an analyst and at weekends in a downtown bar.